The Heartwarming Journey of Bojangles & Lola

The perilous rescue of two mustangs.
Mustang Valley Sanctuary

In a remarkable display of compassion and teamwork, Mustang Valley Sanctuary, under the guidance of the ever-dedicated Mustang Mary, recently undertook the challenging rescue of two mustangs, Bojangles and Lola, from a perilous situation. The story of resilience and renewal serves as a beacon of hope and a call to action for the Sanctuary’s supportive community.

“The conditions were dire, and we knew we had to act fast to ensure the safety of Bojangles and Lola,” Mary explained, recounting the urgency that propelled the rescue operation. Faced with hazards that threatened the well-being of these majestic animals, the Sanctuary’s team, alongside a network of compassionate volunteers, orchestrated a meticulous plan to bring them to safety.


Quick thinking, adaptability, and expertise.

This rescue operation was far from straightforward. It required quick thinking, adaptability, and the kind of expertise that only comes from years of dedicated work with mustangs. “Setting up temporary panels amidst severe weather conditions, while ensuring the safety of our team and the horses, was a testament to our collective commitment,” Mary shared, highlighting the challenges overcome by the team.

Following their successful rescue, Bojangles and Lola began their journey of healing and rehabilitation at the Sanctuary. Mustang Mary emphasized the importance of patience and understanding during this process, “Mustangs are incredibly intelligent and sensitive animals. It’s about understanding their needs and moving at a pace that’s comfortable for them.” This approach underscores the Sanctuary’s commitment to the well-being and recovery of the mustangs in their care.


Protection, Community, and Generosity.

The story of Bojangles and Lola is a poignant reminder of the ongoing challenges mustangs face in the wild and the critical role sanctuaries like Mustang Valley play in their protection and preservation. It also highlights the essential support of the community, whose generosity and love for these animals enable the Sanctuary to continue its vital work.

“We’re hopeful for their future, but it’s a long road ahead. We need the support of the community to ensure these mustangs can lead the lives they deserve,” Mary stated, inviting the Sanctuary’s followers to continue their support through sponsorship and donations. This call to action serves as a reminder of the impact collective efforts can have on the lives of mustangs in need.

“The conditions were dire, and we knew we had to act fast to ensure the safety of Bojangles and Lola,” Mary explained.

As Bojangles and Lola settle into their new home, their story serves as a powerful example of what can be achieved when compassion, expertise, and community come together for the greater good. The Mustang Valley Sanctuary continues to stand as a beacon of hope for mustangs, with Mary and her team leading the charge in making a difference, one rescue at a time.

How You Can Help


Your financial support, no matter the amount, will bring safety to these beautiful creatures.

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Join us in securing the future of our herd.


Your generosity is not just a gift; it’s a lifeline for these magnificent mustangs who depend on us. Together, we can continue to provide a safe and loving home for them. Thank you for being a part of the Mustang Valley Sanctuary family.

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