Preserving the Majesty of the American Mustang

A Call to Action

In the heart of the American West, the wild Mustang, an emblem of unbridled freedom, still gallops across the open landscapes, but they’re facing a dire threat. At Mustang Valley Sanctuary, Mary DeBonis and our unwavering team illuminate a path of hope for the American Mustangs.

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Our Mission

We are committed to safeguarding the American Mustang, preserving its legacy, and restoring its role in the natural ecosystem. We provide a haven for traumatized Mustangs, offering them a life rooted in their innate wildness.

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Our Vision

Our vision is a world where Mustangs roam freely, reinvigorating the ecosystem and inspiring future generations with their untamed spirit. We strive to raise awareness about the crucial role of Mustangs in maintaining ecological balance and advocate for policy changes to protect their existence.

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How we make a difference

But Mustang Valley Sanctuary’s impact is not just a vision; it’s a reality forged through action:

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Rescue and Rehabilitation:

We rescue Mustangs from dire situations, providing them a safe haven where they can heal physically and emotionally. By catering to their specific needs, we prepare these horses for a life rooted in their true nature.

Advocacy and Awareness:

Through consistent advocacy efforts, we shed light on the government’s misguided policies that threaten Mustangs’ survival. By raising awareness about their ecological importance, we inspire individuals to join the cause.

Sustainable Coexistence:

Our sanctuary serves as a model for sustainable coexistence between humans and wild creatures. We aim to dispel the myth of Mustangs as invasive species and emphasize their role in promoting biodiversity.


Education and Engagement:

We educate the public, fostering an understanding of Mustangs’ significance in American history and the environment. Through workshops, events, and partnerships, we create a network of passionate advocates.

Policy Change:

Mustang Valley Sanctuary actively supports legislative initiatives that halt the cruel practices of helicopter roundups and transportation for slaughter. By advocating for stricter regulations, we endeavor to secure a safer future for Mustangs.


We empower individuals to take action, whether through donations, sponsorships, or volunteering. Every contribution aids in the preservation of a legacy that belongs to all of us.

The urgency of this situation cannot be overstated. The future of the American Mustang depends on the collective effort of every individual who recognizes the significance of these creatures in our national identity and ecological health.

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As we stand at a crossroads, let's remember that the fate of the Mustang is entwined with the soul of America itself. The echoes of their galloping hooves remind us of the beauty of unspoiled landscapes and the untamed spirit that defines our nation. Join Mustang Valley Sanctuary in this crucial endeavor, because by saving the Mustang, we're not just protecting a species—we're safeguarding the essence of freedom, wildness, and the American legacy.