Hollister Hunt Clinics

join the Masterson Method® Light to the Core seminar-workshop at Mustang Valley Sanctuary
Hollister Hunt Module One


First Steps to Monty Roberts Method – Introduction to Equus and the Dually Halter

Take your horsemanship to the next level with a 2-Day Clinic led by Monty Roberts Certified Trainer, Hollister Hunt. This immersive workshop delves into the first steps of the Monty Roberts Method, a renowned approach based on understanding equine communication. Through hands-on learning, you’ll gain insights into the horse’s natural language and discover how to build a trusting, non-violent partnership with your equine companion. The clinic also emphasizes the importance of timing and consistency, equipping you with valuable skills to improve your groundwork and riding experiences.

July 5-6   $350

Hollister Hunt Module Two


Untapped Potential: 3-Day Join-Up Clinic with Hollister Hunt

Experience a transformative journey with your horse! Led by renowned Monty Roberts Certified Trainer, Hollister Hunt, this immersive 3-day clinic delves into the heart of equine connection: the Join-Up method.

Step into your horse’s world. Gain insights into their unique communication system and delve into the fascinating world of equine psychology. Master the Join-Up process, a revolutionary approach to building trust and leadership, based on mutual respect, not force. Learn to harness your body language and utilize “balance lines” to effectively communicate and guide your horse. This clinic equips you with the tools to nurture a deeper connection, enriching both your groundwork and riding experiences.

Don’t miss this opportunity to unlock a deeper understanding and create a truly remarkable bond with your horse.

July 15-17  $500

Hollister Hunt Module Three


Master Connection & Control: 3-Day Long-Lining Clinic with Hollister Hunt at Mustan Valley Sanctuary!

Take your horsemanship to the next level at the beautiful Mustan Valley Sanctuary with this 3-Day Long-Lining Clinic led by Monty Roberts Certified Trainer, Hollister Hunt.

Perfect for all disciplines, long-lining offers a safe and effective way to improve communication, build trust, and enhance your horse’s training. During this immersive clinic, you’ll:

  • Master the art of double-line lunging, a valuable tool for developing suppleness, impulsion, and overall athleticism.
  • Unlock the power of “balance lines” and body language, learning to guide your horse with subtle cues for a more harmonious connection.
  • Discover the many benefits of long-lining, from groundwork preparation to refining riding skills.
  • Delve into equine psychology, gaining a deeper understanding of your horse’s perspective for a more effective training journey.

Join us at Mustan Valley Sanctuary! This unique clinic setting offers the opportunity to learn alongside fellow horse lovers while supporting a worthy cause.

Spaces are limited! Register today!

AUG 2-4   $500

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to learn from expert Hollister Hunt Certified Monty Roberts Method Trainer

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