Mend fences and secure the future of our mustangs

this Giving Tuesday
Mustang Valley Sanctuary
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Imagine a place where wild mustangs who have been brutally removed from their ancestral lands find solace nestled under open skies. At Mustang Valley Sanctuary in New York, these majestic beings are given a second chance at life, nurtured, loved, and protected from further trauma.

The old fencing, a humble but stalwart guardian, has offered security to our growing herd for years, but now, it’s showing signs of wear and tear. To keep the herd safe, we need your help mending fences

Sabrina with ranch hand

The Real Cost of Caring

We care for wild mustangs because we believe they matter, but it’s an endeavor that requires dedication, sacrifice, and substantial expenses. Each day, we provide regular upkeep, nourishing food, and essential medical care to ensure the well-being of our cherished herd. Our annual expenses are staggering:


Meeting the daily hay needs of our herd requires weekly deliveries of square bales, resulting in a monthly hay cost exceeding $3,000, resulting in a total of $36,000 per year.

Medical Care:

Routine healthcare, including vaccinations, dental work, and hoof care, adds an additional $500 per horse each year. For our twenty horses, this amounts to $10,000 in total each year.


The upkeep of our sanctuary, which includes shelter maintenance and pasture management for the herd, totals to an annual expenditure of $15,000.

These expenses alone total more than $60,000 annually, highlighting the enormous financial responsibility we shoulder to provide the best for our beloved mustangs.

Photo of Wild Mustangs

The Vital Role of Fencing

Now, let’s focus on the heart of our Giving Tuesday campaign: new fencing. Fencing is not just a practical necessity; it’s a lifeline for both our horses and our sanctuary. Here’s why it’s crucial:


Fencing ensures the safety of our horses by preventing them from wandering into potential danger, such as nearby roads or neighboring properties.

Habitat Preservation:

It helps us maintain our sanctuary’s habitat by controlling where our horses graze, thus preserving the natural environment they call home.


Fencing provides security, protecting our mustangs from potential threats like predators and unauthorized access.

Healthcare and Maintenance:

It facilitates the essential care our horses need, from veterinary visits to hoof trimming, by allowing for safe and controlled movement.

Cost-Effective Grazing:

Properly fenced areas enable us to practice rotational grazing, making our pastures more efficient and promoting healthier forage growth.

Your Impact on Our Sanctuary

As we approach this Giving Tuesday, we invite you to make a difference in the lives of our mustangs. By contributing to our fencing project, you are directly enhancing the safety, well-being, and sustainability of Mustang Valley Sanctuary.

How You Can Help


Your financial support, no matter the amount, will bring us one step closer to our fencing goal. Visit our Giving Tuesday donation page [link] and make a gift that matters.

Spread the Word:

Share our campaign with your friends, family, and social networks. Together, we can reach more people who share our passion for preserving the lives of these incredible creatures.


If you have the time and skills to offer, consider becoming a volunteer at our sanctuary. Your hands-on help can make a significant impact on our daily operations.

This Giving Tuesday, join us in mending fencing and securing the future for our herd. Your generosity is not just a gift; it’s a lifeline for these magnificent mustangs who depend on us. Together, we can continue to provide a safe and loving home for them. Thank you for being a part of the Mustang Valley Sanctuary family and for making this Giving Tuesday truly meaningful.

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