How Rosita found love and friendship at the sanctuary:

a tale of a sweet Pinto mustang
Mary DeBonis

Looking for love at first sight? Meet Rosita, the sweetest little Pinto mare you’ll ever meet. Her gentle nature and kind heart will make you fall head over heels for her. Rosita came to the sanctuary as a two-year-old after being rounded up by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and ending up in the kill pen.

It’s hard to imagine the fear and confusion she must have felt during that time. But now, she’s safe and loved at the Mustang Valley Sanctuary, surrounded by friends who cherish her company. And with a long life ahead of her, she’s eagerly scanning the horizon for her forever home.

Mary DeBonis, the founder of Mustang Valley, fondly recalls the moment when Rosita first arrived at the sanctuary. After her mandatory quarantine, Mary approached Rosita’s stall to check on her, and Rosita immediately laid down at her feet, basking in the attention and affection. Mary was struck by Rosita’s gentle nature and sweet disposition, and it’s easy to see why everyone who meets her falls in love.

After completing her quarantine, Rosita quickly formed a special bond with a mare named Shakira. One day, while out in the field with other horses, Rosita found herself being bullied by some of the more dominant mares. Before she could be harmed, Shakira, who had been rounded up at the same time as Rosita, came to her rescue, driving the bullies away with her strong personality and protective nature. Since that day, the two mares have been inseparable, with Shakira always by Rosita’s side, ready to defend her from any harm.

Rosita may be small, but she has a big heart, and she needs someone to share it with. She and her best friend Shakira are looking for a forever home together. Shakira has always been there for Rosita, protecting her from the barnyard bullies and keeping her company.

Both horses have long lives ahead of them, and they deserve to spend those years with a loving family. If you’re looking for gentle and sweet horses to add to your family, come meet Rosita and Shakira.


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Rosita’s story is one of many at Mustang Valley Sanctuary, where Mary and her team are dedicated to rescuing and gentling wild mustangs. Your support can help save more mustangs like Rosita from the fate of a kill pen. By donating to Mustang Valley Sanctuary, you can help provide a safe and loving home for these magnificent creatures, giving them a chance to heal and thrive just like Rosita has.

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