Meet Thor: a handsome Nevada Mountain Mustang

Mustang Valley Sanctuary

Thor, a handsome Nevada Mountain Mustang who joined the herd last fall, is still a youngster. Due to his turbulent childhood, he would shut down when you put a halter on him. In the past, if you tried to saddle him, he would act like he was being attacked by bees! But at Mustang Valley Sanctuary, we’re giving him some time and space to decompress and go back to being a wild horse in the hopes that he’ll have a happier adulthood.

A liberty horse in the making?

At five or six years old, Thor’s still just a young’un with a full life ahead of him. He’d make a great liberty horse. Liberty horses are trained to perform without being physically connected to the trainer or rider by a lead rope or reins.

Instead, the horse responds to voice commands, body language, and other cues from the trainer or rider. And maybe, just maybe, he’ll take to being ridden again someday. What Thor really needs is one person to be his human, someone he can trust and bond with. He’s got a soft spot for that human bond.

A guy looking for his soul mate

We’re not going to sugarcoat it – Thor’s fiesty at heart, even if he is completely lovable. But he ain’t one of our fence breakers, so that’s a plus! We’re doing the Masterson’s Method clinic here, and I’m hoping we can help release some of the pent-up energies and negative emotions that Thor’s keeping bottled up inside. With a little help from his human friends at the sanctuary, Thor will come through those awkward teen years as a heartbreaker in the best possible way.

As we work with him more, his feisty spirit seems to come from not being heard. THe more we “listen” to him the more gentle and lovable he becomes.

Speaking of breaking hearts

The volunteers are all in love with Thor because he’s so cute and sweet, but there’s a withdrawn side to him that needs a bit of coaxing out. We’re working to bring out the fun Thor, the one who’ll explode like thunder when he gets going. Speaking of which, that’s how he got his name! He’s got so much power and energy, no name would fit but the god of thunder.

Update October 2023

Hello all it is with happiness and sadness that I let you all know that Thor will be moving on to his forever home.  It is a lovely gentleman and his wife.  They have a mare who is 20 and they just want a horse they can hang out with, brush, love and have become a part of their family. Thor will get the attention he so craves and deserves daily.  I am so happy for him, but will miss him terribly.


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