Bojangles: a story of survival and spirit

Mustang Valley Sanctuary

Bojangles believes in second chances!

In the cold reaches of Vermont, amidst ruins and neglect, Bojangles, formerly known as Paco, found a glimmer of hope. Rescued by Mustang Valley Sanctuary from a perilous situation marked by dilapidated shelters and dangerous debris, his journey from abandonment to sanctuary life epitomizes resilience. His is a real-life story of survival and spirit.

Bojangles, an 18 to 19-year-old mustang with a sun-bleached coat and a history of loss, carries the wisdom of his years and the scars of his past. His early life, marked by rounds of adoption and mistreatment, shaped him into a horse of strong will and mistrust. Yet, beneath the surface lies a profound capacity for change.

Upon his arrival at Mustang Valley Sanctuary, Bojangles’ condition was a stark reminder of the adversities he had faced. Exhibiting signs of Cushings or insulin resistance, conditions often exacerbated by neglect and poor nutrition, his health necessitated immediate, specialized attention.


Every horse, no matter their past, deserves a future filled with compassion and understanding.

That’s our mission at Mustang Valley Sanctuary.

Recognizing the importance of addressing these health issues head-on, the sanctuary team initiated a comprehensive veterinary care plan tailored to his unique needs. This approach included a detailed dietary regimen designed to manage his insulin levels, regular monitoring of his symptoms, and medication to stabilize his condition.

The team’s dedication to Bojangles’ well-being underscores a deep commitment to providing the highest level of care for all residents, ensuring that each horse not only survives but thrives. Through the sanctuary’s unwavering support and efforts, Bojangles is beginning to show signs of improvement, a sign of the resilience inherent within this remarkable mustang.

What makes Bojangles truly remarkable is the transformation of his personality. Through patience and understanding, he has begun to let down his guard, engaging in trust-building activities and showing a newfound softness in his eyes. His willingness to be brushed, have his feet picked, and his anticipation for these moments of care reveal a heart gradually healing.

Bojangles’ story is not just one of survival; it’s a story of our unyielding commitment to listening and healing.

His journey reminds us that every horse, no matter their past, deserves a future filled with compassion and understanding, and that’s our mission at Mustang Valley Sanctuary. If you feel a desire to support the sanctuary’s mission, this is a chance to partake in the journey of a horse whose spirit remains unbroken. Bojangles, with his storied past and hopeful future, embodies the essence of our work: transforming lives through compassion, care, and the unwavering belief in second chances. Join us in making that happen.

Join us in supporting Bojangles and his Sanctuary friends today!

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