Meet Sabrina: the spirited matriarch of Mustang Valley

Sabrina's journey is a poignant example of the intricate and deeply meaningful relationships we forge with the animals we rescue.

Meet Flora: the resilient beauty who captivates hearts

Our beautiful flora is going through a tough time. She cannot load at all on her back right and she’s having trouble walking with her front left. She was wobbling like an alligator. She has an abscess in her hind right that we are trying to draw out and has bad arthritis in front left leg.

Jackson: a charming chocolate palomino pony with a heart as big as his personality

Jackson's search for a forever home continues, and we're committed to ensuring it's a place filled with love, stability, and adventures for Palomino.

Katori: a Mustang’s journey at Mustang Valley Sanctuary

Be a part of Katori’s journey. Your support can make a difference for these amazing horses. Join us & preserve, protect, and celebrate the American Mustangs.

Introducing Baby Elena:

At Mustang Valley Sanctuary, we believe in second chances and the beauty of new life. Mikayla and her precious foal Baby Elena's journey exemplifies both.

Meet Shayna: a gentle soul with a playful spirit

Shayna, a 10-year-old Nevada Mustang, possesses a distinctive feature known as a "Roman nose." With a light chestnut coat, she stands out as a beautiful horse.

Kara: the enchanting wildflower with a gentle spirit

Kara’s endearing demeanor is a testament to her gentle nature. Not once has she exhibited aggression towards humans or fellow herd members.

Introducing Shelby: The Mighty Wyoming Mustang

Shelby, a small yet powerful Wyoming Mustang, has embarked on a transformative journey at Mustang Valley Sanctuary. When she first arrived, it became apparent that not much had been done to train or handle her. She seemed content as a pasture pet but lacked the necessary guidance to develop her potential. However, Mustang Mary saw something special in her and set out to unlock Shelby's hidden talents.

Introducing Frey: the gentle heart of Mustang Valley

Frey is a fine young mustang with quite a story to tell, and it all begins in Nevada. We believe that he came from Shakira's herd. He may even be Shakira's father, and like Shakira, Frey found himself rounded up and taken to a kill pen. But fate had something else in store for him.

Meet Thor: a handsome Nevada Mountain Mustang

At five or six years old, Thor's still just a young'un with a full life ahead of him. While he might not be a riding horse, he'd make a great liberty horse. Liberty horses are trained to perform without being physically connected to the trainer or rider by a lead rope or reins.