Meet Coco Chanel: the big, bold beauty of Mustang Valley

at Mustang Valley Sanctuary
Mustang Valley Sanctuary
photo of Coco

A mustang who commands attention

Coco Chanel is a drafty Mustang who was rescued from a kill buyer in 2021. The term “drafty” refers to horses who are heavily built and muscular, like draft horses. In the case of Coco, we mean she has a stocky, sturdy build and powerful muscles, which is common among Mustangs. Hailing from Wyoming, she is big, bold, and beautiful with a powerful presence that commands attention. She has a mischievous side, and her intelligence is apparent in her ability to unlock anything with her lips. Coco is besties with Hope, and the two are known for getting into double trouble.

Coco’s early struggles

When Coco first arrived at the sanctuary, her feet were in terrible shape, and she had an abscess that had blown out in two spots in her hoof. Mustang Mary immediately tended to her wounds and began working with her to help her overcome her fear and the resulting aggression issues that had landed her in a kill pen. Although Coco has a tendency to be a little bit of a bully, it’s only because she is a big, beefy girl who needs a little extra attention.

Fun with Coco

Despite her size, Coco loves to roll and to explore, particularly on new trails. The Mustang Valley trails offer an abundance of flora and fauna, and Coco loves nothing more than to stop and take in her surroundings. During her walks, she is always on the lookout for the different kinds of plants and animals that she encounters along the way, especially in the springtime when the new growth and blooms offer a feast for the senses. Coco’s love for exploration has helped her to become familiar with the trails, and she knows many of the paths like the back of her hoof. However, she also enjoys discovering new routes and exploring parts of the sanctuary that she hasn’t seen before.

Coco’s best friends

Coco is fiercely loyal to her herd and will do anything to protect them. When Hope was injured, Coco insisted on staying in the same stall with her to keep her safe and share her hay. When she wants to go exploring, Mustang Mary believes that Coco is looking for her family and searching for a sense of safety and security that she has been missing.

Coco has a playful sense of humor, and she’s sensitive to the emotions and needs of those around her. She is a beautiful horse with a powerful presence, and anyone who bonds with her will feel a deep sense of connection and loyalty.

photo of Coco
photo of Coco
photo of Coco

Join us in supporting Coco and her Sanctuary friends today!

If you want to help support the care and well-being of horses like Coco Chanel, consider making a donation to Mustang Valley Sanctuary. Your contribution ensures that these beautiful animals receive the love and care they deserve, and that they can continue to thrive in a safe and nurturing environment.

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