George Clooney Finds His Sanctuary

Mustang Valley Sanctuary

Mustang Valley Sanctuary gained a new resident named George Clooney, but his journey to get there was a twist of fate.

A Missed Connection and a Second Chance at Mustang Valley Sanctuary.

Mustang Mary received a call about a Mustang named George Clooney who the previous adopter couldn’t handle. This wasn’t the first time they were contacted, but it sparked a memory.

Earlier that year, the director had seen a picture of a Mustang gelding on the BLM website that felt like a perfect fit. However, around the same time, they had to take back two previously adopted ponies, leaving no space for the BLM horse.

photo of a horse named George Clooney

A Feeling of Destiny

Upon seeing George Clooney, Mary realized it might be the same horse from the BLM website. They checked the paperwork and confirmed their hunch – the freeze mark matched! It felt like destiny.

A Horse in Need

George Clooney was in rough shape. He was thin, his feet needed work, and he was emotionally shut down, likely from past trauma. The sanctuary aimed to get him healthy, trained, and eventually find him a loving forever home.

photo of a horse named George Clooney looking calm

Building Trust

George Clooney’s initial personality was withdrawn and non-reactive. The sanctuary uses gentle methods to build trust, avoiding forceful approaches that could further traumatize him. Interestingly, another horse named Fay Louise seems to be smitten with him.

The Future for George Clooney

The sanctuary hopes to get George Clooney training assistance through a grant. Their ultimate goal is to gentle him, connect with him, and find him a loving forever home.

This story highlights the challenges mustangs face and the vital role sanctuaries play in their rehabilitation and placement. It also shows the power of intuition and the importance of creating a safe and trusting environment for healing.

photo of a horse named George Clooney trotting

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