Gian: A Portrait of Strength, Leadership, and a Touch of Humor

Mustang Valley Sanctuary

Resilient, captivating, and just a bit whimsical, Gian embodies the spirit of the wild mustang herds hailing from the rugged landscapes of Oregon. She arrived at Mustang Valley Sanctuary alongside her kindred spirit, Kaori. To the casual observer, Gian and Kaori could easily be mistaken for twins. Gian, however, boasts a unique and quite fitting feature—a white marking on her side that bears a striking resemblance to the outline of the United States of America, complete with the distinctive shape of Florida.


Gian has a multifaceted personality that has made her a memorable presence in the sanctuary. Sweet and gentle when it comes to her interactions with humans, Gian takes on a different persona within the herd. She is unequivocally the alpha mare, wielding her authority with both grace and determination. Gian is the decision-maker of the group, responsible for defining who can be part of the herd’s inner circle and who remains on the periphery.

Witnessing Gian in her role as the alpha mare is nothing short of fascinating. Her leadership is marked by an unyielding commitment to the well-being of her herd. She navigates the complex social dynamics of the sanctuary with a blend of finesse and assertiveness, and her presence in the herd is a testament to the intricate web of relationships that define the wild mustang community.

Born into the wild,

Gian has faced the relentless challenges of nature, from harsh winters to scorching summers. Her physical prowess and unwavering spirit have allowed her to thrive in the untamed landscapes of Oregon, where the rugged terrain tests the mettle of even the hardiest of creatures.

But her odyssey took a fateful turn when she was rounded up from her Oregon home. The state’s wildfires played a pivotal role in her relocation, serving as a stark reminder of the ever-present challenges faced by these magnificent animals.


Today, she spends her days roaming the open pastures of Mustang Valley Sanctuary alongside her fellow mustangs. To keep horses like Gian safe and healthy, the sanctuary relies on the generosity of sponsors and donors like you. By becoming a sponsor, you can play a vital role in preserving the legacy of these extraordinary creatures and providing them with the care they deserve. Learn how today!

Join us in supporting Gian and her Sanctuary friends today!

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