Jolie: the resilient horse fighting Cushing’s

at Mustang Valley Sanctuary
Mary DeBonis

Jolie is a beautiful mare who has captured the hearts of everyone at Mustang Valley Sanctuary. The owner of the sanctuary Mary DeBonis rescued her from a kill pen before the sanctuary was founded, but her journey didn’t end there. Jolie has Cushing’s Disease, and she’s insulin resistant, which causes excess insulin and cortisol in her veins.

Despite her struggles, Jolie is a fighter, and she has not let her condition dampen her spirit. She loves spending time with her Mary and the other volunteers at the sanctuary, and she enjoys the sanctuary. However, her condition requires extra care and attention from the sanctuary staff.

To manage her Cushing’s, Jolie is given medication to regulate her hormonal balance, and her diet is carefully monitored to ensure that she does not consume any food that may aggravate her condition. Mary makes her a tea every morning with aloe cha, tree berry, dandelion root, and milk thistle to keep her liver and kidneys clean. This is important because excess cortisol and insulin can get stored in the liver, causing fatty liver disease.

Mary and sanctuary staff are dedicated to providing Jolie with the care she needs to live a comfortable and happy life. While Jolie’s condition requires extra attention and resources, she’s worth every effort. Her kind and gentle personality services as a regular reminder of the importance of providing sanctuary for horses in need.


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Jolie’s story is not unique. Many horses like her are in need of extra care and attention due to health conditions. By supporting Mustang Valley Sanctuary, you can help provide the care and resources necessary to give horses like Jolie a second chance at a happy life. Every donation, no matter how small, can help provide medication, feed, and veterinary care for horses in need. By volunteering your time or donating money, you can help ensure that Mustang Valley Sanctuary can continue to provide a safe and loving home for horses like Jolie.

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