Mr. Quinn:

From afraid to affectionate - a story of love and transformation
Mary DeBonis
Mr. Quinn

Mr. Quinn, a handsome chestnut mustang with a striking white streak on his nose, follows Mary around the rolling fields of her upstate New York ranch. His tail sways behind him in pure joy; the love between these two is palpable.

Mr. Quinn nuzzles against Mary, seeking affection, and it’s clear that he’s found a true friend in his human companion. It’s hard to believe that this horse was once considered aggressive and on the brink of being euthanized. Mary’s love changed that and gave Mr. Quinn’s gentle nature an opportunity to emerge.

Before Mary intervened, Mr. Quinn was a far cry from the happy horse galloping the Mustang Valley Sanctuary meadows today. His coat was dull and his eyes lacked the spark of life that shines in them now. He was unhealthy and malnourished, skittish and afraid of humans. Taken from his mother at a young age and shuffled through eight different homes, he was left wary and on edge. He was a shadow of the horse he was meant to be, and his trainers had given up on him. He was on his way to a kill pen.

Mary saw beyond Mr. Quinn’s rough exterior and into his soul. She recognized the sadness in his eyes and knew that what he needed most was to feel safe and loved. Determined to help the mustang heal, Mary rescued him and worked tirelessly to rehabilitate him. The transformation has been nothing short of miraculous.

Today, he’s one of Mary’s most beloved horses, following her everywhere. With Mary’s love and care, Mr. Quinn went from a horse in need to a shining example of the transformative power of love.

Mr Quinn
Mr. Quinn
Mr. Quinn and Mary
Mr. Quinn
Mr. Quinn

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Mr. Quinn’s story is just one of many at Mustang Valley Sanctuary, where Mary and her team are dedicated to rescuing and gentling wild mustangs. The need for rescue and rehabilitation is ongoing, and your support can help save more mustangs like Mr. Quinn from the fate of a kill pen. By donating to Mustang Valley Sanctuary, you can help provide a safe and loving home for these magnificent creatures, giving them a chance to heal and thrive.

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