Faye Louise

Rescued from dire circumstances of neglect and abuse, Faye Louise, found herself among a group of neglected thoroughbreds confiscated by the local SPCA.


She is fiercely protective of herself and extremely wary of humans, Ren's true place is among the open pastures and rolling hills of Mustang Valley Sanctuary.

Lola Grace

Lola’s journey to the Mustang Valley Sanctuary is a story of courage, survival, and the profound impact of compassion.


Bojangles remarkable transformation, through patience & understanding, reveals a healing heart & acceptance of care.

To keep Gian safe and healthy, the sanctuary relies on the generosity of sponsors and donors like you. Play a vital role in preserving the legacy of these extraordinary creatures.

Nicholas's story, from a life of neglect to one of love, reflects Mustang Valley Sanctuary's enduring commitment to giving horses a second chance at life.

We could not allow these horses to be detroyed and had to build them an enclosere in less than a week. We need your help this week so we can pay for the enclosure and pay the vet who is coming this week.