Our beautiful flora is going through a tough time. She cannot load at all on her back right and she’s having trouble walking with her front left .. she was wobbling like and alligator She has an abscess in her hind right that we are trying to draw out and has bad arthritis in front left leg.. we had the team out this morning , veterinarian and farrier to make a plan for her.. unfortunately, she is going to have to stay in her stall to prevent her from doing any further damage.. love this girl she has been through so much.

Despite her struggles, Jolie is a fighter, and she has not let her condition dampen her spirit. She loves spending time with her Mary and the other volunteers at the sanctuary, and she enjoys grazing in the lush pastures of the sanctuary. However, her condition requires extra care and attention from the sanctuary staff


Makaya ended up in a kill pen. Luckily, she was rescued alongside Moon Star and Clara, and now calls the sanctuary home. Mustangs like Mikayla have a more prominent amygdala, which results in higher cortisol levels and a heightened fight or flight response, making them more intelligent and sensitive to their surroundings. This can make it challenging for them to trust humans who are trying to domesticate them.


Mary DeBonis, the founder of Mustang Valley, fondly recalls the moment when Rosita first arrived at the sanctuary. After her mandatory quarantine, Mary approached Rosita’s stall to check on her, and Rosita immediately laid down at her feet, basking in the attention and affection. Mary was struck by Rosita’s gentle nature and sweet disposition, and it’s easy to see why everyone who meets her falls in love.


Shakira’s story begins when she was still a foal. She was rounded up from her herd in the southwest and taken from her mother. A freeze brand on her coat marked her as a wild horse being cared for by a rancher paid by the Bureau of Land Management. However, instead of receiving proper care, Shakira ended up in a kill pen, facing an uncertain future.

Although Moon star is in a safe place, she’s still very wary of humans and lives her life in fear. Because she can’t be touched or handled, it is incredibly difficult to provide medical care. In the winter, she’s unable to wear a blanket to keep warm because she’s terrified by the weight.

Its difficult to believe Mr. Quinn was once considered aggressive he is one of the most affectionate and friendly horses on the ranch today! Your donation will keep him well fed and looked after.

Caring for these magnificent mustangs is more than a labor of love: Hay, Grain the Vet, the ferrier and daily care are expenses we could use your help with.

Each horse requires about 30 pounds or more of hay per day. While some horses are content to eat from large round bales, others are bullied away from the communal bales by more dominant horses in the herd.