Meet Flora: the resilient beauty who captivates hearts

at Mustang Valley Sanctuary
Mustang Valley Sanctuary

Flora is not your ordinary horse. She’s beautiful and sweet, but at 12-years-old, she’s already weathered more than her fair share of struggles. Blind in her left eye due to thick cataracts, Flora also has limited sight in her right eye. As such, she needs to be handled with care and patience to prevent her from injuring herself through accidents. Despite her challenges, Flora has found a loving home and a sense of belonging at the Mustang Valley Sanctuary.

Flora’s blindness is not the only challenge she faces. She has debilitating orthopedic issues, and her left knee does not lock, which means she can never be a riding horse. Moreover, she has a huge contusion on the back of her head, a mark left by an abusive former owner. But Flora is brave and resilient, and she never lets her challenges define her.

One of the beautiful things about Flora is how much the other horses in the sanctuary care for her. Members of the herd like Mr. Quinn will guide her around the paddock, keeping her close by to protect her. Flora is not alone at Mustang Valley; she’s a part of a community that loves her just the way she is.

Flora’s journey home

When Mary DeBonis, the founder of the sanctuary, received a call about Flora, she knew that she had to help. However, getting Flora to the sanctuary wasn’t easy. Flora was eager to leave her former home, but she couldn’t get into the trailer because she couldn’t see. Determined, Mary walked Flora home. It was most of a day’s journey, but neighbors and passersby came out to offer encouragement and nourishment.

As the sun was setting, Flora decided to lay down in the middle of the road just a short distance from home. Mary’s neighbor came out with her vehicle and shone her brights on Flora to protect her from traffic as the night grew dark, and a kind stranger helped hold Flora while Mary went for grain and water. When Mary returned, the stranger had coaxed Flora up, by stroking her and speaking gently to her.

Flora finds her name

Flora got her name from Nate, the trimmer, who noticed that she loves flowers. The name Flora, which means “flower” in Latin, was a perfect fit for her.


Join Flora’s journey

Flora’s journey has been one of resilience, courage, and love. She reminds us that even when life gets tough, we can find hope and joy in the company of others. Flora is just one of the many horses in our sanctuary who need our help and support. You can join Flora’s journey and support Mustang Valley Sanctuary by donating your time or resources. Every little bit helps in creating a better life for these beautiful creatures.

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