Ren: A Wild Spirit Seeking Sanctuary

Mustang Valley Sanctuary
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Ren’s initial rescue led her to a temporary home in Texas, where we hoped to prepare her for a more domesticated life. However, Ren had different plans. She proved to be fiercely protective of herself and extremely wary of humans, making it challenging for anyone to gain her trust. Despite the tireless efforts of our counterparts in Texas, Ren remained elusive, preferring the untamed wilderness that had shaped her.

Recognizing that Ren’s true place is among the open pastures and rolling hills of Mustang Valley Sanctuary, we have decided to bring her home to join our growing herd. Ren’s arrival marks an important chapter in her life, one where she will have the opportunity to live freely and unburdened by the expectations of domestication.

At Mustang Valley Sanctuary, we believe that every wild horse, regardless of their comfort with human interaction, deserves a full and dignified life. Ren is a testament to this belief. Not all wild mustangs can transition into a domestic setting. Ren, like some of her fellow sanctuary residents, finds solace in her wildness, and we are committed to preserving the integrity of her untamed spirit.

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Health challenges during Mustang transitions

It is worth noting that the transition from the wild to a domestic setting can pose health challenges for these majestic beings. Horses like Ren, who once roamed vast territories with varied terrain and diets, now require specialized care to ensure their well-being. Our dedicated team at Mustang Valley Sanctuary is prepared to provide Ren and her companions with the necessary support, including regular health check-ups, dental care, and proper nutrition.

Ren’s journey is a reminder that we are not just a sanctuary but a place of healing and transformation. While Ren may initially exhibit hyper-awareness and a protective stance, we have witnessed countless instances where wild horses have experienced a profound change in behavior after finding refuge within our sanctuary. The bonds they form with their fellow mustangs and our caring staff often lead to newfound trust and a sense of security.

Ren, with her captivating presence and striking beauty, embodies the essence of wild mustangs that have captured the hearts of so many. We look forward to getting to know her on a deeper level and watching her thrive in the expansive and nurturing environment that we provide.

Ren and other Mustang Valley horses need your support.

As we welcome Ren into our sanctuary family, we also acknowledge the pressing need for resources to continue our mission. The care of horses like Ren, who may not readily adapt to domestication, requires specialized facilities like the a squeeze chute to safely handle horses that may not be comfortable with human handling. This equipment would facilitate necessary veterinary care and health maintenance for these animals while minimizing stress and risk to both the horses and the sanctuary staff. Your support, whether through sponsorship or donations, plays a vital role in safeguarding these iconic beings and providing them with the care they deserve.

Ren’s journey is a testament to the enduring spirit of wild mustangs, and we invite you to follow her story as she embarks on this new chapter at Mustang Valley Sanctuary. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of these incredible creatures, ensuring that their wild hearts find solace and sanctuary in a world that celebrates their presence.

Join us in supporting Ren and her Sanctuary friends today!

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